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The World’s Best Workout Leggings

Before I started working out I would just live in leggings pretty regularly. I even got caught up in buying my favorite LLR printed leggings. I was ashamed of my body and nothing fit well so leggings were the easiest way to hide that insecurity. The leggings though weren’t made for the gym, and I quickly realized when I started my journey that I needed something comfortable to work out in. Leggings that wouldn’t leave me feeling like I had swamp ass and would also be semi-cute and not rip down the middle mid-goblet squat. So I went on a mission for the best workout leggings. And much to my surprise, I found them… on Amazon!

The Worlds Best Workout Leggings for UNDER $30!!

The brand is 90• Degree by Reflex, they’re available on Amazon for WAY UNDER retail. They usually retail for $80+ so imagine my surprise when I was able to scoop up these crop leggings for $18.99. I was so excited.


  1. The material is awesome. It’s thick enough that you don’t have to worry about them being translucent or ripping down the middle. But not thick enough to where you feel gross after an intense cardio session.
  2. The color selection on the crops and regular leggings is amazing!
  3. The high-waisted band holds everything in and instantly slims you.
  4. The crops have a waistband pocket!
  5. Made it through Leg Day and an intense cardio session!

The Worlds Best Workout Leggings for UNDER $30!!

The best part is that they have multiple styles all for affordable prices! So I wanted to make sure that I shared this find with you all. I just ordered the additional styles because I’m that impressed with how awesome these cropped leggings are.

High Waist Power Flex Yoga Capris //

A classic combo of fashion and function, these have quickly become my new favorite leggings. They are absolutely amazing. AND SO FREAKING AFFORDABLE!

Full-Length High Waist Power Flex Leggings //

These high waist leggings are soft, stretchy and perfect for hitting the gym or relaxing at home.

Smartphone Pocket Leggings //

These stylish high waist leggings feature a large pocket to securely fit any smartphone.

Side Cut-Out Capris //

Perfect leggings for quick and easy athleisure wear. Perfect for working out as well.